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MaTerre VR Experience now available online!

MaTerre VR Experience now available online!

MaTerre VR Experience is a five-episodes collective film unique in the international film scene that blends together moving images and poetry through VR 360° technology.

The work, co-produced by Noeltan Film, is the result of the Euro-Mediterranean Poetry Film Workshop that Rete Cinema Basilicata organized for Matera European Capital of Culture.

The five episodes of the film come from the encounter between 5 filmmakers and 5 poets:

Gianluca Abbate (Italy) and Eduard Escoffet (Spain) for COS ENDINS
Domenico Brancale (Italy) and Blerina Goce (Albania) for ATE CA TU
Vito Foderà (Italy) and Yolanda Castaño (Spain) for MAI TERRA
Giuseppe Schillaci (Italy/France) and Aurélia Lassaque (France) for TRANSHUMANCE
Elena Zervopoulou (France/Greece) and Nilson Muniz (Brazil/Portugal) for BELEAF.

MaTerre radically rethinks the imaginary of the land of the Sassi through a combination of innovation and tradition, orality and technology allowing the viewer to literally “live” the film watching it through the Oculus headset for virtual reality or directly on your smartphone or tablet.


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